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Social-Cultural Monthly Review
Founded in 1894; New series 1971

Short Historical of the Review

Historical data, relevant moments, tradition

     The review Vatra is a cultural publication founded in 1894 by I. L. Caragiale, I. Slavici and George Coșbuc. It was a bimonthly publication, had a book format and a heterogenous content in the manner of the XIXth century almanac. Of great exception: the names of the founders. Target: the middle class, compound of relatively cultivated people and Transylvanian intellectuals.

     The new series comes out in 1971 and it is re-established under the leadership of Romulus Guga. Its format becomes one of newspaper like and the rhythm of apparition becomes monthly. Also its content becomes more specialized and more diversified. Target: intellectuals of establishment and of humanist interest, especially in literature, history, critique, poetry, drama, philosophy. Mainly in the '80es, the review made important efforts to preserve a minimal freedom of speech and to cultivate real values in spite of the psychotic, from the ideological and political point of view, of the totalitarian regime. This obstinate "fight" for value permitted the review to maintain unspoiled, even after 1989, the application of the esthetic principle in the examination of cultural products, in spite of the accented drift which characterized that period because of the informational pressure and of the unlimited freedom of speech.

     In 1995, after the celebration of the review's centenary, its shape returns to the format of the first series, a book-like one, it being considered more suitable to a monthly cultural publication as the Vatra review is. Also, the review has changed a lot its content and heading adapting itself to the more daring and non-conformist publication formulae which characterizes a literary review in the period after 1989.

     In this moment, the Vatra review is one of the most important cultural publications in Romania, with a content which preserved and continued its tradition in what it has better and, in its cut, adapted itself to the nowadays challenges, and constantly promotes the opening toward other cultural spaces, either the virtual space of the Internet, or the literature of other ethnical groups in Romania; also it promotes the literature of the exile.

     Distribution: spreading channels: Rodipet, bookshops-junk shops (Cluj, Oradea, Bistrița, Iași, Sighișoara, Mediaș etc.), teachers - for spreading in schools, other distribution agencies (Orfeu Buc., Orion Buc., Infoeurotrading Buc., S.C. Infobirotica, S.C. Aletheia Bistrița, Omniscop Craiova, Sedcom Libris Iași, Mira Pres Deva). Also, the review is distributed in cash on delivery system, if requirements exist, or through subscriptions with payment in the account of the review to the Tg. Mureș Treasury - RO71TREZ4765010XXX000302.

Complementary Activities:

     - publication of supplements: Gazeta Reghinului (independent publication, financial autonomous, appearing under the aegis of Vatra review);

     - conferences: programme performed in collaboration with the "Petru Maior" University (12 conferences and meetings with outstanding writers from inside and abroad: Liviu Georgescu, from U.S.A., prof. Al. Niculescu, from France etc.); the expenses of travel and accomodation being supported by the University;

     - participation in awarding of prizes juries: as we were requested (the jury of the Union of Writers, the jury of ASPRO, the jury for "Eminescu" prizes - national juries, the jury for the prizes of the Mureș Branch of Union of Writers and the jury for awarding the prizes, as part of the Symposium "The Literary and Cultural Reviews from Transylvania and Banat" - Mediaș);

     - participation in activities of the Mureș Branch of the Union of Writers;

     - co-organizer of the "Lucian Blaga" Festival, together with the "Târnava" review and the Territorial Radio Studio Tâgu-Mureș;

     - participation, with our own stand, in the principal book exhibitions in Romania (Gaudeamus, The National Book Market in Bucharest, The International Book Market in Târgu-Mureș, organized by The Hungarian Book Guild etc.);

     - countless book launchings and meetings with readers, in Târgu-Mureș and in the important cities of the country.