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     The Art Museum came into existence in 1913, being known at that time as the Municipal Gallery of Art.
     The achievement was possible thanks to the acquisition of some works of art received from the National Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest and of those bought by the mayor then, Bernady Gyorgy.
     From that time on, the fund of this museum grew richer every day, getting at the amount of 2300 pieces, due to the prolific work of its managers.
     Thus, now the collection contains: paintings, sculptures, graphes, textile fabrics and ceramics, acknowledged values and ones in the course of being acknowledged.
     Some illustrative names of the Romanian and the Hungarian fine arts may be noticed in the Târgu-Mureș collection, names which assured the continuity of the 18th century plastic arts till nowadays: Theodor Aman, Ion Andreescu, Nicolae Tonitza, Theodor Pallady, Nicolae Darascu, Aurel Ciupe, Corneliu Baba, Bordi Andras, Dosa Gesa, Iosif Iser, Vida Arpad, Gasca Eugen etc.
Ion Țuculescu- Landscape Nicolae Tonitza- Japanese Woman
Theodor Pallady- Static Nature Gheorghe Petrașcu- House with a Verandah
Nicolae Grigorescu- Landscape
Theodor Aman- Hora Nicolae Dărăscu- Boats at Venice
Ștefan Luchian- White Roses H.H.Maxy- Two by two
Ziffer Sandor- Houses
     At present, the halls in the Palace of Culture house the "Lights and Shadows- Coloristic Tendencies of the Hungarian Paintings between 1810 and 1920" temporary exhibition, one that aims at restoring the value of the early works of the exhibition. This exhibition reflects the way in which the influences of the great European trends of the troubled 19th century have been taken over and adapted.
     Here are some names, which underline and confirm the value of a patrimony that ennobles and grants oneness to a museum in the contemporary cultural life: Lotz Karoly (an impressive master from Bucharest and a venerable professor); Munkacsy Mihaly and Paal Laszlo (two valuable international representatives of the School from Barbizon); important representatives of the School and colony from Szolnok: Deak Ebner Lajos, Bihari Sandor and Fenyes Adolf; Reti Istvan, Thorma Janos and Ferenczy Karoly (representatives of the School from Baia Mare); Strobl Alajos (and his works made of bronze) etc.
A General View of the "Lights and Shadows" Exhibition
Munkacsy Mihaly- Washer-Women
Wagner Sandor - Alhambra

      The "Ion Vlasiu" Gallery
      The "Nagy Imre" Gallery