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Mureş County Center for Preservation and Promotion of Traditional Culture


Customs from Mureş County

      Founded in 1955, Mureş County Center for Preservation and Promotion of Traditional Culture is a public cultural institution of juridical personality, which functions under the authority of The County Council Mureş.

     The Center's fundamental objective is the study, the preservation and the promotion of folk traditions and cultural values, in the larger frame of the national culture. The Center draws up the database of the actual folk culture values and performers, which create the traditional patrimony of the county. It functions as a scientific and methodological center for the activities which focus on preserving, stimulating and promoting traditions and folk creation in the cultural life, in the spirit of authenticity and value.

Mureş County is very rich in folk traditions, being situated at the confluence of several important ethnological sub-zones - The Superior Mureş, The Gurghiu Valley, The Transylvanian Field, the two Târnavas. To this fact must be added the living together of Romanians, Hungarians, Germans and Gypsies on this aria. A proof of this richness are the folk dances, the music and songs, the costumes preserved here, the existence of more than 100 active folk ensembles in the rural aria, the folk craft and traditional art centers existing in different villages, with art creators who are well known in the country and over the borders.