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The Art Section Audio room

    Situated at the first floor of the Teleki Library, the Art Section of Mures County Library has a glorious, entirely cultural past.
     In its three rooms, readers can find, besides the specialty books from esthetics, plastic arts, music and theatrology, albums, dictionaries, lexicons, existing the possibility of borrowing them at home. Dictionaries and lexicons are into Romania, Hungarian, English and French.
     One of the aspects that individualize the Art Section is represented by its rich collection of recordings, on a large scale of audio supports, which can be listened by the intermediary of modern equipment. The extended collection of books and tapes, cassettes, CD-s can meet the demands of the public, from art and music lovers willing to enlarge their cultural horizon to specialists who can initiate here researches on profound studies. In the book offer of the Art Section there are several important titles, among which: `History of Romanian Music (The Old, Very Old and Medieval Age)` and `Studies of ethnomusicology and bizantinology`, printed by the Musical printing House of the Composers' Union, `Pages from the History of Romanian Music` and `Letters and Documents` by George Breazul.
     There are also two volumes `Codex Caioni`, a collection in notes for orgue from the XVIIth Century, which belongs to the `Musicalia Danubiana` collection. Treaties of `Music Theory`, `Harmony`, `Contrapuntal`, `Musical Folklore`, `History of universal music`, monographers of composers, singers, critic studies, chronics, folklore, albums of universal and local painting - are only few titles frequently demanded by the readers. Within the tapes collection, the Art Section posses, among others, rare recordings, belonging to restricted editions from the Gold Phonotegue of the Institute of Ethological and Dialectological research, or the Society of Romanian Composers. Also within the series of audio materials of great value, the Art Section owns famous recordings, having as protagonists key singers or conductors - complete works of opera, symphonies, concerts, theatre plays, etc.
     Among document-tapes, considered real `musical jewels`, folklore lovers can be enchanted by recordings grouped under the title `Traditional Romanian Bands` from the area of Bucovina, Transylvanian Plain or from Ilfov-Vlasca-Teleorman. These recordings contain folk dances from the interbelic period to 1956. The last disk includes also epic songs, wedding songs, and dance melodies, love songs.
     Lovers of classical music can choose the collections Mozart - Complete Symphonies with the Orchestra of Italian Philharmonic, Concerts for piano performed by Camerata Academica from Salzburg, or Beethoven - concerts with the Philharmonic Orchestra from Berlin. Those who love opera can listen famous voices in the operas of Verdi, Puccini, Bizet, etc. The Madrigal Choir is present in the CD-s collection with renaissances plays, Christmas carols and plays of ancient Romanian composers. On magnetic tapes, the Art Section owns special recordings with valuable performers, as Dinu Lipatti, Preludes and Choirs by Bach, David Oistrah, violin - Mozart, Emil Gilels, piano - Beethoven, or Yehudi Menuhin, violin - Enescu. On the other hand, the demands of our public can be fulfilled with unusual recordings; such are singing birds or sounds of aquatic animal.
     In the same time with the evolution of the modern technology, the Art Section has enriched its musical base with a collection of CD-s classified on musical forms and genre. These high-class recordings come both from local recording houses and abroad.
     Preoccupation for forming and maintaining the musical appetite of the young Mures public represents another characteristic of the Art Section, taking the shape of events of auditions on diverse themes, painting exhibitions.
     This is only a few information for Mures public, which is inclined to enter in the fascinated world of music and art.