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     Situated on the third floor with two employee in one switch, is a room with 17 places, a catalog lobby - alphabetical and systematic, separated for books and periodicals, as well one for literature, science and art and several storeroom. This section has 65.000 books and almost 7000 newspaper and magazine titles. The volume from the traditional fund - going back to 1940, the year of establishment, was completed by donations and acquisitions. There is a rare and old collection , letters and documents, belonging to Take Ionescu, Vasile Natea, Aurelian Borsianu), along with rare and current periodicals. This collection of periodicals covers a significant period of time, starting from the first half of XIX century up to the present days. The collection grows every year by acquisition or donations.
     In 2001 there were 122 titles, totally the section has: format I -3819 titles, format II 2661 titles, format III 612 titles, format IV 180. Many of the periodicals are local and central newspapers, publication of different parties.
There are present weakly literary and social political publications, arts and science, along with the publications of the Romanian Academy, the yearly publication of universities and research institutes, used as scientific information source by students and researchers.
     A special part of the documentations is represented by the literary, scientific and technical magazines printed in Hungarian, issued by the Hungarian Academy or large libraries from Hungary. These publications arrives with clock precision and reflects o good period of time with a remarkable representation, waiting for users.
     The Hungarian social political publications are of great interest among readers. We remind the presence of several magazines, issued by former and present students.
     We mention that the documentary section shelters publications that constitute a legal deposit of every printings from our town and county.