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     It occupies the first two levels of the Culture of Palace, with the entrance from George Enescu street and represents one of the most important compartments, due to the current information offered regarding condition for subscription and rental, as well as the services offered by the library to its users. It has a fund of over 100.000 books, organized on domains, using the shelves access system, within two sections:
- socio- human literature section which contain : generalities, philosophy, psychology, religion, politics, economy, law, education, medicine, sport, history, geography. It is situated downstairs and represents the place for obtaining the entrance permit.
- Belletristic literature section in : Romanian, Hungarian, English, French, German, occupying the first floor of the building.
     In order to facilitate the users' access to the publications, the rental section has traditional information tools: alphabetic and systematic catalogs, on titles, as well entrance bulletin of the new publications. The fund purchased after 1995 is registered into the data base. As well, the data base of users is being prepared.
     Along the book fund destined for rental, the section has a special fund with reference works: general bibliographies, dictionaries, encyclopedias, guides, atlases. The fund is situated next to the librarian desk in order to be over watched, to be easier to find and to offer fast indication to the unfamiliar users. These works can not be rented for home, as well, the princeps and luxury editions are not exposed on the shelves.
     About 75% of the books are exposed on the shelves. Documents are exposed after the systematic -alphabetic criteria, each place being given by the book's quota. The biggest advantage is that the same domain is situated on the same place.
In case of works with same quotas, it is taken account of the author, their name, titles.
     In order to avoid a hard circulation and difficulties in finding of books, the most wanted groups are exposed on thematic shelves. Ex SF, RAO, love novels, etc.
In order to easy the findings of publication, at the sections' entrance the room plans are exposed, with the repartition of each domain.
     We try to answer the needs for information and lecture of different socio - professionals categories of users regarding school and university bibliography, promotion of some exams, professional re orientation, legislation, managerial techniques, etc. Reservation of book can be made upon request, direct in the section or over the phone.
     Every year, the rental section for adults has 12.000 users, renting 180.000 of books, in all domains. There are almost 100.000 visits and 70% of the users are students, pupils and young people.
     The value of a library is not measured by the number of users only, but by the quality of information services, capitalizing its value. There are a series of initiatives meant to enhance the attraction of users. For ex: organization of thematic shelves, temporary or permanent exhibitions, displays with new editions. Periodically, art exhibitions of local artists are organized.