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Professional Artistic Ensemble Muresul

     The Professional Artistic Ensemble "Muresul" was formed in 1956 and is named after the River Muresh, the greatest course of water inside "the horseshoe" of the Carpathian Mountains, the area where we live.
     The Ensemble came into being through a desire to capture some of the rich traditions, customs, songs and popular dances of the eastern Transylvanian villages, inhabited by Romanians, Hungarians and Saxons, and where we also encounter the picturesque gypsies.
     The fact that we are the only such institution in Romania which has two sections, a Romanian and a Hungarian one, gives us the chance to research and appraise as many as possible of both local and national Romanian ethnic folklore regions.
     For example, in our group's repertoire are found not only the dances named "învârtita" on the Muresh, Târnave and the Transilvanian plain, and the "csárdás" on the Niraj Valley, Glodeni, but also a variety of dances from the Banat, Sic, Moldavia and Calata.
     The beauty of the costumes, the interpretation of the popular dances and the harmony of the songs have been applauded by many of spectators from our Country and from abroad.
     Our artists have been ambassadors of the Romanian and Hungarian spirit, of beauty and of cooperation in Europe (Hungary, France, Belgium, the Moldova Republic), Asia (Turkey, Taiwan, Japan), North Africa (Egypt), USA and others.
     These concepts, together with the beauty of our regions and our desire to know each other inspire us to share these ideals with you.

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